3 Uses For Silicone Caps

30 May, 2023 Upperdog

Silicone caps are highly versatile and have a range of uses across different industries. Our team of experts are looking at how silicone rubber caps can be used for electroplating, powder coating, and anodising.

Silicone Caps for Electroplating

Electroplating is the process of coating a metal object with a thin layer of another metal using an electrical current. During this process, certain areas of the metal object may need to be covered, or masked, to prevent them from being coated. That’s where silicone caps for electroplating come in.

Silicone caps are able to withstand the high temperatures and harsh chemicals used in electroplating. This provides excellent protection to the metal beneath. They can also be easily removed after the process is complete, leaving a clean surface with no carbon deposits.

Silicone rubber caps are especially useful for protecting threaded or irregular surfaces.

Silicone Caps for Powder Coating

Powder coating is a similar process to electroplating, only a dry powder is applied to a metal surface instead of another metal. The powder is then cured in an oven to create a durable and long-lasting coating.

As with the electroplating process, silicone tube caps can be used to protect threaded or irregular surfaces. They provide a tight seal, preventing any powder from getting inside and contaminating the surface. Silicone caps for powder coating can also be reused multiple times. This makes them an economical solution for protecting surfaces.

Silicone Caps for Anodising

Anodising is a process where a protective oxide layer is formed on a metal surface using an electrical current. Once again, silicone rubber caps can be used to cover or mask off certain areas of the metal. This helps to maintain the integrity and quality of the object being anodised, as well as allowing for intricate designs.

Silicone Caps at Hi-Tek

At Hi-Tek, we’re specialists in masking materials. This includes both silicone caps and vinyl caps, as well as plugs and masking tapes. Understanding which masking supplies you need for which purpose is key to getting an even finish whenever coating an object. For example, though silicone tube caps can be ideal for masking small sections, they’re not suitable for large surfaces.

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