Why Masking Is Necessary When Powder Coating

18 Mar, 2022 hitekadmin

Powder coating is one of the most popular industrial finishing processes. The method features on a variety of products due to the high quality and durable finish it provides. A hugely important part of the process is masking. Masking products for powder coating are crucial in achieving the desired effect. To create an optimal finish when powder coating there is a wide range of masking caps and silicone plugs that are suitable for a variety of projects. Read on to learn about the benefits of metal part masking and some of the most common masking products for powder coating. 

What is metal part masking? 

The process of metal part masking involves covering certain areas of an item before powder coating. Products like powder coating masking tape ensure that paint is only applied to the desired areas. Masking certain areas of an item is also often done to maintain the functionality of the object.  

Powder coating is a very popular finishing technique in a number of industries. The powdered coating is typically applied thermostatically and then finished using heat treatment. This makes a powder coat much more durable than conventional liquid paint. When powder coating it is important to make sure you have the right masking products to cover areas you do not want coated.  

Benefits of masking when powder coating 

Appearance – One benefit of masking when powder coating is that it can cover surfaces very precisely with a variety of colours. Using powder coating masking tape or any other masking products for powder coating makes it easy to achieve the desired appearance. You can add designs, logos and words to a product using powder coating masking tape 

FunctionalityMasking products for powder coating will also help maintain the functionality of an item. This is especially important when creating parts or components of a larger product. Using masking caps or silicone plugs will stop the coating from affecting a component that will later need to screw or fit together.  

Connectivity – Sometimes masking products are effective when certain parts of an item need to remain uncoated to create a connection or contact. In this case, powder coating masking tape will cover any surfaces that should remain as bare metal. 

Common masking supplies 

Powder coating masking tape Masking tape for powder coating comes in a variety of sizes for different applications. One important thing to note is that different tapes will have a range of temperature tolerance. Depending on your powder coating process you will need to make sure your powder coating masking tape is suitable.  

Silicone caps and plugsSilicone plugs are cone shaped masking products that will come in different sizes. They are ideal for masking a bolt or screw hole and are very versatile. Unlike tape, masking plugs for powder coating are reusable. 

Other masking products for powder coating – While masking caps and tape will work for most powder coating applications, there are more specialist products out there. It is worth doing your research if you have a specialist project in mind.  

At Hi-Tek Products Limited, we supply a wide range of masking products for powder coating. Our products are suitable for use in a variety of industries. For more information about metal part masking or if you have a question about our products, get in contact with us today. Give us a call on 01202 661300 or fill out our contact form