What Is Metal Part Masking?

5 Aug, 2021 hitekadmin

Metal part masking or metal masking is used in metal finishing and plating to prevent a certain part of an object from being electroplated or covered in a finishing solution. This technique can be done for many reasons, including maintaining a component’s function or even for aesthetic purposes. In this article, we explore metal masking and why it’s used during the electroplating process.

When would you use metal part masking?

  1. To preserve electrical contacts: When electroplating or anodizing metal, it becomes insulated and prevents electrical contacts from working as they should. You can protect it from this by part metal masking these elements using masking products, allowing the protected area to remain conductive. In this instance, metal masking preserves the products integrity and maintains its efficiency.


  1. To combine coating process for precision results: For some metals, you may want to give different layers to some parts. Part metal masking or precision masking allows you to apply any additional layers or finishes to some areas whilst avoiding others to achieve the specifications you require.


  1. To apply a logo or design: Whether you are metal masking or spray painting a wall, a bike frame, or something else, you can use plating masking products to achieve the design you need. By covering the area with your shape or logo template, you apply the plating then remove the template to reveal the design underneath.


  1. To preserve threading: If you are anodizing, it is integral to protect threading by metal part masking with plating masking Electroplating can alter the thickness of threading, and as thread dimensions rely on precision to screw parts together, this must be prevented. This is commonly achieved using plating masking products such as silicone pull plugs. Read more about the benefits of silicone pull plugs when metal masking.

How can I metal part mask?

Now you know when you should use part metal masking, you may be wondering how to do this and which masking products to invest in. There are several ways you can achieve electroplating masking

for these different scenarios. For flat areas on surfaces, taping can work well, using specialised masking tape and masking tape dots designed to withstand extreme temperatures and chemicals. For threading or other holes, you can plug using multipurpose silicone tapered plugs for masking.

With a little more knowledge on metal part masking and when to use it, we look forward to helping you find the metal masking products you require. Ask us more about what we can provide for you at Hi-Tek Products and how we can help you achieve perfect metal masking using our online form or calling on 01202 661300.