Choosing The Right Masking Products When Powder Coating

29 Nov, 2021 hitekadmin

Masking products are the finishing industry’s best friends. They help manufacturers keep the powder coat out of areas where it’s not needed such as threaded holes, or to protect any exposed surfaces like studs and weld nuts from being coated.

Without masking products, the powder coating process would take much longer time and become a far more challenging task. Good masking products can save you money and time, but how can you ensure that you’re using the right masking products for your parts?

In this blog, we give an overview of some of the most common parts that might need to be masked off during the powder coating process and present you with the best masking products for powder coating for these parts. Read on to find out more.

Masking Through-Holes

Through-holes are one of the most common parts that often require masking when it comes to powder coating, and pull plugs are an ideal tool for masking through-holes, whether they are threaded or not. Due to the way the pull plugs fit into the holes, they create a tight seal protecting them from being coated. The pull-tab and flexible material they are made of, make it easy to insert and remove pull plugs in and from the holes.

At Hi-Tek, we stock a selection of pull plugs for through holes including silicone pull masking plugs and neoprene pull plugs below. Discover the differences between neoprene plugs and silicone pull plugs here.

Masking Blind Holes

When it comes to masking off blind holes, whether they are threaded or not, tapered silicone plugs are your best bet. Made out of heat-resistant silicone rubber, these tapered plugs are able to withstand high temperatures used in powder coating, which allows them to be reused. Furthermore, the tapered design of these silicone plugs allows you to create a tight seal simply by pushing the plug into the hole that needs to be masked or closed off during the powder coating process.

Masking Off Studs

Studs, such as PEM studs, commonly installed in sheet metal, also oftentimes need masking. Or maybe you have some hinges, tags, or pins that don’t need to be powder coated. The best masking solution for these kinds of features are silicone caps. Just use these simple tools to cap any areas where powder coating is not needed and you’re ready to go. Click here to find out more about the benefits of using masking caps for powder coating.

Masking Flat Areas And Edges

If you’re looking for the best powder coating masking products to cover larger flat areas, such as flanges, edges, or recesses areas, then masking tape is the best option for you. The most important thing you will want to ensure when selecting your masking tape for powder coating is that it is heat resistant and able to survive high temperatures used in powder coating. Powder coating masking tape usually comes in rolls that can be cut into custom shapes and applied to any flat area that needs masking.

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