Improve Industrial Painting Practices With Paint Masking Products

26 Feb, 2019 hitekadmin

Several industries paint their products and do so by baking it on at high temperatures. This can be achieved using paint that is cured in a stove or with a powder coating, where dry powder is cured under a high heat to allow it to flow and form a ‘skin’ around a frame. Yet industries often overlook solutions to stopping paint going where it shouldn’t, and many don’t understand that typical masking tapes won’t fit their needs.

This is where high temperature masking products have filled a much-needed gap, constantly innovating to meet the requirements of high temperature painting technology that the industry develops. Here at HiTek, we have a range of high temperature masking tape products that can suit your needs.

High Temperature Masking Tapes for Powder Coating and Stove Enamelling:

PC-44 Polyester Tape – Max Temperature 220 °C

This should be your go-to product for high temperature masking tape for powder coating. Unlike other paint masking products, PC-44 Polyester Tape can withstand 220°C for continuous periods of time. It expertly bonds to most surfaces, and even after this high temperature masking tape has withstood the heat on full blast for a while, it will remove cleanly without residue. It was developed specifically to be a high temperature masking tape for powder coating, but due to its outstanding performance in market tests it has been used for stove enamelling and many other functions.

2595 Crepe Tape – Max Temperature 200°C

The 2595 Crepe Tape has more than stood its ground as a high temperature masking tape. It can withstand 200°C for up to two hours, and can be removed with ease when it has cooled down to between 40-60°C.

Masking Tape Dots – Max Temperature 370°C

This paint masking product is available in two styles, silicone adhesive backed polyester (max 370°C) or rubber adhesive backed (max 200°C) and come in 1mm increments. They are perfect for high temperature painting, stove enamelling and powder coating.

Other High Temperature Masking Tapes:

“Hi-Tek” Aluminium Foil Tape – Max Temperature 125°C

Withstanding up to 125°C, this aluminium foil tape is ideal for plating, shielding, cleaning, paint stripping and etching.

“Hi-Tek” Lead Foil Tape – Max Temperature 106°C

This tape has impressive thermal qualities with a max of 106°C as well as withstanding an incredible low temperature of -54°C. Unlike other paint masking products, it is electrically and thermally conductive, but at high temperatures it must be used for shorter durations than its counterparts.

“Hi-Tek” 1220 Tape – Max Temperature 104°C

Specifically developed as a high temperature masking tape for electroless nickel solutions, it leaves little to no residue when removed.

Yellow Vinyl DK-1 Tape – Max Temperature 93°C

One of this high temperature masking tape’s nifty features is that it can stretch by up to 50% before tearing.

Silicone Plugs for Powder Coating

All the following plugs are suitable for stove painting and powder coating.

  • Neoprene Rubber – 1200 Series – Maximum temperature 170°C
  • Silicone Rubber Tapered Plugs – 1300 Series – Maximum temperature 260°C
  • Neoprene Rubber Pull Plugs – NPT – Maximum temperature 170°C
  • Silicone Rubber Pull Plugs – SPT – Maximum temperature 260°C

Silicone Caps for Powder Coating

Vinyl Caps – Maximum temperature 170°C

Ideal for paint spraying, electroplating masking and anodizing

Silicone Caps – Maximum temperature 260°C

Excellent chemical resistance, these silicone caps are perfect for electroplating, anodising, E-coating, paint spraying and powder coating.

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