Silicone & Vinyl Caps


Mask pins, studs, tags and more with silicone caps and vinyl caps for power coating, plating and paint spraying.

Silicone rubber caps and vinyl caps are also useful for protection during transit.

Vinyl Caps

  • Maximum operating temperature 170°C
  • Suitable for paint spraying, electroplating masking and anodizing

Silicone Caps

  • Maximum operating temperature 260°C
  • Excellent chemical resistance

Suitable for electroplating, anodising, E-coating, paint spraying and powder coating.

A very versatile silicone product used in the plating and powder coating industries. The two most common applications are as a plug and a cap. The most useful principle is its rigid flange and flexible cone which can act as a hanging surface. Can be used for masking square or irregular shaped holes or used as a pull plug.

Cone Caps

To find our more about the vinyl caps and silicone tube caps that we have available please get in touch using our online form or call 01202 661300.

Cap Dimensions

Click here to download the cap dimensions PDF.

Cone Cap Dimensions

Click here to download the cone cap dimensions PDF.