PTFE & Film Lubricant

You can order PTFE lubricant and film lubricant from Hi-Tek Products. We stock RO-59, a superlative bonded solid film PTFE lubricant of unique composition that forms a physico-chemical bond with a wide range of metallic surfaces.


RO-59 film lubricant is supplied as a concentrate that must be thoroughly mixed by agitation before making up. It requires dilution with de-ionised water and the pH adjusted to the recommended value.


Apply by dipping or spraying depending on preference and or size and geometry.

Control of the pH is the only requirement of this PTFE lubricant.


RO-59 gives a low friction surface that is ideal in ‘sealed for life’ applications. The bonding additive present ensures that it will remain intact for prolonged periods in service.

It is also an excellent surface film to facilitate the forming of difficult materials such as titanium sheet.

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