High Temperature Masking Tape

Browse a range of high temperate masking tape and powder coating masking tape at Hi-Tek Products, including aluminium foil tape, crepe tape and more.

The use of plating masking tapes for masking is well established, but it is important to realise that each type of tape has different properties in terms of the types of process solutions and operating temperatures for which they are suitable. The following are the requirements each masking tape should meet:

  • They shall be able to withstand the process solutions and conditions being used
  • The tape should be sufficiently flexible to conform to the shape of the component to which it is applied
  • Any adhesive used shall not contaminate or affect the process solutions in any way

Non-Adhesive Masking Tapes

Yellow Vinyl DK-1 Tape

  • Ultra-thin vinyl tape which has high conformability to component contours
  • It is intended that the tape should be stretched during application, since it can stretch by up to 50% before tearing
  • There is no adhesive, so there is no danger of contamination to sensitive solutions. The ends can be sealed by a hot iron, with acetone or a small strip of adhesive tape, or with an acrylic adhesive
  • It can be used in all plating solutions in temperatures of -9°C to 93°C, particularly for hard chrome, sulphuric anodising and hard anodising. 76 metres (250 ft.) in length

Adhesive-Backed Masking Tapes

“Hi-Tek” 1210 Tape

  • A yellow adhesive-backed vinyl tape of 135 – 150 microns thickness
  • Suitable for use with virtually all common electroplating and anodising solutions
  • Available in 33m rolls of ½”, 1”, 1½”, 2” and 3” widths. Other widths are supplied to special order

“Hi-Tek” 1220 Tape

  • Temperature range up to 104°C
  • An adhesive-backed vinyl tape of 175 microns thickness
  • Specifically developed for electroless nickel solutions (including high temperature solutions)
  • It is supplied in 55m rolls of ½”, 3/4”, 1”, 1½” and 2” lengths
  • Very little or no residue when removed

“Hi-Tek” Lead Foil Tape

  • 160 microns thick lead foil tape with a rubber adhesive backing
  • Especially suitable for hard chromium plating and hard anodising
  • Supplied in 33m rolls and in widths of ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1½” and 2”
  • Lead foil tape does not have the same degree of conformability as vinyl tape
  • Has very good thermal properties and will perform over a wide variety of temperature conditions (-65°F to 225°F or -54°C to 106°C)
  • It has been used at higher temperatures for shorter durations
  • It is electrically and thermally conductive

“Hi-Tek” Aluminium Foil Tape

  • For plating, shielding, cleaning, paint stripping and etching applications up to a temperature of 125°C
  • A less costly alternative to lead foil tapes, but with better conformability
  • The acrylic adhesive will bond to a wide variety of substrates
  • This is a tape of 50 and 70 microns and is supplied in standard sizes

Tapes for Powder Coating and Stove Enamelling

PC-44 Polyester Tape

  • This tape is the most outstanding in the market as tests and customer experience have proven
  • Originally developed for powder coating with its silicone adhesive backing it has been found useful when conventional tapes fail to meet requirements
  • The silicone adhesive has excellent adhesion to steel and prevents undercutting to produce fine line mask definition
  • Bonds to most surfaces
  • Removes cleanly without residue
  • Will withstand continuous operating temperatures of 220°C
  • Available in standard and non-standard widths

2595 Crepe Tape

  • A lightly creped paper tape with silicone adhesive
  • It can be used at temperatures up to 200°C for two hours
  • Easily removed when cooled to between 40/60°C

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