What Are The Advantages Of PTFE Lubricants?

13 Jan , 2021 hitekadmin

PTFE stands for Polytetrafluoroethylene. This is a Fluoropolymer used widely in industrial applications. Due to its many properties, PTFE lubricant is what we commonly know as the non-stick coating used for cookware. This discovery was made accidentally in 1938 by an engineer from the DuPont organisation. PTFE is characterised by its many properties including: Self-cleaning…

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How To Use Masking Tape When Decorating

24 Dec , 2020 hitekadmin

When working on home design projects for yourself or others, it’s important to have appropriate protection for the areas you need to cover. Knowing how to use masking tape for decorating is essential if you want to achieve a clean finish. The same applies for metal finishing, where you must ensure you have the correct…

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Neoprene vs Silicone Rubber Pull Plugs

12 Nov , 2020 hitekadmin

Similar to tapered plugs, pull plugs are used in metal finishing and masking processes. Pull plugs are  for through holes designed to mask off the hole so that metal finishing can work up to it. This means that the areas covered by rubber pull plugs are not exposed to the conditions the rest of the…

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