What is Masking Lacquer Used For?

27 Jan , 2023 Upperdog

Red masking lacquer covering the centre of a gold metal part

What is masking lacquer? Masking lacquers and thinners are methods of protecting certain areas that are not to be plated when electroplating or anodising. It is a liquid masking method that requires a more precise application than other methods. Available through Hi-Tek in multiples of 1 and 5 litres, our range of masking and stop-off…

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3 Must-Have Masking Tools For Any Powder Coating Job

23 Dec , 2022 hitekadmin

Powder coating is a finishing process that is commonly used across a wide range of industries and applications. It is a particularly useful technique in the motor vehicle manufacturing industry. It may sound like a simple task to powder coat a metal, but this is not the case. The process involves several key steps which…

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How To Use PTFE Lubricant To Achieve A High-Quality Finish

18 Oct , 2022 hitekadmin

Polytetrafluoroethylene, commonly known as PTFE, is best known for its use as a non-stick coating for kitchenware. PTFE lubricants provide several benefits in a range of uses. From kitchenware to the industrial industry, PTFE is commonly used. However, it is important to use it correctly to achieve a high-quality finish. Preparation and application are key…

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