How Masking Products Can Transform Items When Powder Coating

30 Aug , 2023 Upperdog

  Powder coating is an innovative technique that adds a durable and attractive finish to metal objects. But the best results don’t just come from the powder; they come from how you use it. With the help of specific masking products for powder coating, such as masking tape and plugs, you can achieve a range…

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How To Use Masking Tape For Powder Coating & Electroplating

20 Jul , 2023 Upperdog

When it comes to powder coating and electroplating, metal masking tape can be one of the most invaluable materials at your disposal. If used correctly, it will protect specific areas of a surface from being coated or plated. If used incorrectly, however, powder coating masking tape can lead to messy, unprofessional finishes. So how do…

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The Advantages of Silicone Plugs in Electroplating

26 Jun , 2023 Upperdog

Electroplating is a highly useful process that enhances the protective qualities of different materials. For the best results, however, you need a precision finish. And for that, you need electroplating masking products. In this blog, we’ll be discussing the advantages and uses of one masking product in particular: silicone plugs. What Are Silicone Plugs? Silicone…

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