Choosing The Right Masking Products When Powder Coating

29 Nov , 2021 Amy Stillwell

Masking products are the finishing industry’s best friends. They help manufacturers keep the powder coat out of areas where it’s not needed such as threaded holes, or to protect any exposed surfaces like studs and weld nuts from being coated. Without masking products, the powder coating process would take much longer time and become a…

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The Benefits Of Using Masking Caps For Powder Coating

1 Nov , 2021 Amy Stillwell

What is powder coating? Powder coating is a high-quality finish that can be found on thousands of products, from bicycle frames to furniture and household item. It is achieved by using an electric charge that causes a dry powder to coat the surface of the metallic object. After the application of the powder coating, the…

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How High Temperature Masking Tape Can Improve Your Body Shop Services

20 Sep , 2021 Amy Stillwell

What is high temperature masking tape? High temperature masking tape is an essential tool for any body shop that performs metal painting on automobiles and motorcycles. Specifically designed body shop masking tape is ideally suited for precision masking during the professional painting and drying process. It has a number of properties that make it able…

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