Which Masking Products Do You Need For Your Project?

26 Mar , 2024 hitekadmin

Before any project can get underway, there always comes that essential step of ensuring you have the right tools for the job. For example, you wouldn’t build a shed without first checking you had a hammer and nails. Well, one of the harder sets of tools to pin down can often be the correct masking…

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How To Use Masking Caps For A Quality Finish

14 Mar , 2024 hitekadmin

Industrial finishing is a process which helps achieve flawless results and drastic improvements to components. Masking caps are often regarded as indispensable tools to offer protection to specific areas of a component during the coating process. The types of applications that masking products are used in include powder coating, electroplating, and painting. When implemented correctly,…

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What Are the Advantages of Masking Lacquers and Thinners?

8 Feb , 2024 Upperdog

In the specialised fields of electroplating and anodising, achieving the perfect finish can feel more like an art than a science. Yet, simply by using the right masking products, it is possible to achieve a precise and consistent finish. Central to this are masking lacquers and thinners. In this article we’re taking a look at…

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