How High Temperature Masking Tape Can Improve Your Body Shop Services

20 Sep , 2021 Amy Stillwell

What is high temperature masking tape? High temperature masking tape is an essential tool for any body shop that performs metal painting on automobiles and motorcycles. Specifically designed body shop masking tape is ideally suited for precision masking during the professional painting and drying process. It has a number of properties that make it able…

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The Most Common Uses Of PTFE Lubricant

24 Aug , 2021 hitekadmin

Have you ever wondered what PTFE spray is actually used for? Well, this blog outlines the various uses of PTFE lubricant such as for machinery, 3D printing rails, chains, hinges and more. It will also describe the properties that make it suitable for these applications. Some of the most common reasons to use PTFE lubricant…

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What Is Metal Part Masking?

5 Aug , 2021 hitekadmin

Metal part masking or metal masking is used in metal finishing and plating to prevent a certain part of an object from being electroplated or covered in a finishing solution. This technique can be done for many reasons, including maintaining a component’s function or even for aesthetic purposes. In this article, we explore metal masking…

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