Top High Temperature Masking Solutions To Use When Powder Coating

25 Jul , 2022 hitekadmin

Powder coating is a high-temperature process that can require quality masking products to ensure that fine line definition and high-quality finish are achieved. At Hi-Tek, we have a range of products that mask various parts of your project. When used in conjunction, our powder coating masking tape, tapered plugs, and silicone caps can withstand high…

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What’s The Difference Between Silicone And Vinyl Masking Caps

29 Jun , 2022 hitekadmin

At Hi-Tek products, we sell a range of vinyl caps and silicone caps for powder coating. Masking caps are just one of the high temperature masking products that are available for powder coating, plating and paint spraying jobs. Masking products like caps, plugs and tape play an important role in creating a high-quality finish. Without…

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How To Prepare For A Powder Coating Job

18 May , 2022 hitekadmin

The key to any successful powder coating job is in the preparation. If you try and cut corners or use the wrong equipment, you will not get a high quality finished product. Following the right procedure before powder coating will eliminate many of the common issues with a finished coating. Attention to detail when disassembling,…

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