A Guide To Precision Masking

9 Jul , 2021 hitekadmin

Precision masking is an essential part of the metal plating process. With so many industries such as telecoms, defence, aerospace and medical relying on metal plating, precision masking makes it possible to create vital parts and components to the often highly technical and exacting standards of these industries. How does precision masking work? When applying…

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The Benefits Of Using Silicone Pull Plugs

20 May , 2021 hitekadmin

When it comes to powder coat masking, silicone pull plugs are essential. If you are concerned about shadowing or need to mask a bore thread, pull plugs are the best solution. Although there are a number of alternative pull plug materials out there, silicone masking plugs offer several unique properties and benefits that make them…

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What Is Porosity And How Is It Caused?

29 Apr , 2021 hitekadmin

To perform its function properly, an electroplated surface of a product often needs to be flat and consistent. Any imperfections on the metal coating or exposed areas on an electroplated surface can lead to several issues; from poor performance to severe, irreversible damage to the product. In the telecommunications industry, for instance, an uneven or…

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