Neoprene vs Silicone Rubber Pull Plugs

12 Nov , 2020 hitekadmin

Similar to tapered plugs, pull plugs are used in metal finishing and masking processes. Pull plugs are ¬†for through holes designed to mask off the hole so that metal finishing can work up to it. This means that the areas covered by rubber pull plugs are not exposed to the conditions the rest of the…

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A Guide To Masking Lacquer

28 Oct , 2020 hitekadmin

What is masking lacquer? Masking Lacquer is used to protect and cover areas which are not to be plated during the electroplating process. It is a type of liquid metal masking which requires a more precise application. Different masking lacquers and thinners are made to withstand different conditions, from high temperatures to acidity. So, it…

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How Does Electroplating Work?

2 Oct , 2020 hitekadmin

What is electroplating? Electroplating is the process of coating the surface of a conducting material (a material that allows electrical currents to pass through) with a thin layer of another metal through means of electrolysis. Electroplating is used because it helps protect the conducting material from wear, corrosion, and rust. What are electroplating masking products?…

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