How High Temperature Masking Tape Can Improve Your Body Shop Services

20 Sep, 2021 hitekadmin

What is high temperature masking tape?

High temperature masking tape is an essential tool for any body shop that performs metal painting on automobiles and motorcycles. Specifically designed body shop masking tape is ideally suited for precision masking during the professional painting and drying process. It has a number of properties that make it able to withstand the high temperatures and methods used when painting a vehicle.

In this article, we discuss the qualities of metal masking tape that make it suitable for this kind of work and look at how precision masking can improve the quality and finish of the service you can provide at your body shop.

Qualities of metal masking tape

Masking products such as high temperature masking tape are designed to be used throughout the painting and drying process of an automobile. This means metal masking tape has to be able to withstand high temperatures. Once the paint has been applied, either an infrared lamp or a spray booth is used to dry the paint. Normally, an infrared lamp would dry smaller areas of paint and a spray booth to dry a much larger area or object.

Both of these methods require exposing the paint to high temperature to speed up the dying process. High temperature masking tape is able to withstand these temperatures by using a specially reinforced paper backing. The adhesive used will bond to a wide variety of surfaces and will remove easily without leaving any residue, even after exposure to high temperatures.

Improved quality and finish

There is a variety of body shop masking tapes available. Ensuring you have the correct tape for the type of process solution and operating temperature you will be using is important. For example, powder coating tape and adhesive backed masking tapes have different qualities that make them suitable for different tasks. As long you have the correct tape for your project, high temperature masking tape will provide a high level and even finish.

Metal masking tape does not wrinkle which means it creates perfectly linear edges. Most body shop masking tapes have a temperature range of 60°C to 120°C for up to one hour. It is important that the tape you are using does not compromise when exposed to heat as this would allow the paint to bleed and spoil the quality of the finish.

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