The Benefits Of Using Masking Caps For Powder Coating

1 Nov, 2021 hitekadmin

What is powder coating?

Powder coating is a high-quality finish that can be found on thousands of products, from bicycle frames to furniture and household item. It is achieved by using an electric charge that causes a dry powder to coat the surface of the metallic object. After the application of the powder coating, the products are baked in a high-temperature oven, which creates a smooth and durable finish.

What are masking caps?

Since powder coating is applied through a spray gun, it can often result in powder being sprayed on unwanted surface areas, unless masking products are used. Silicone masking caps for powder coating are the most common masking choice when it comes to preventing an undesired section from being coated. These simple, small tools can be used to cover and mask areas, preventing powder coating where it’s not needed.

What are the benefits of using masking caps for powder coating?

Regardless if used solely for aesthetic purposes or to protect an area from being damaged if powder coated, silicone masking caps are extremely useful when it comes to powder coating masking solutions.

They are most commonly used as a cap, to protect and mask off any exposed pins, tags, studs, and rods which do not require coating.

As they are made out of silicone, a rubber-like plastic, masking caps are an incredibly versatile product. Flexible enough to submit to almost any shape, they can easily be pushed into holes of products that are being powder coated and used to mask square or irregularly shaped holes of different sizes.

What’s more, silicone is known for being a highly durable material, making silicone masking caps able to withstand a large number of production runs. Not only does that result in saved manufacturing costs, but it also makes masking caps a widely reusable environmentally friendly solution.

Due to their ability to withstand tough conditions and high temperatures, silicone masking caps are loved by powder coaters and many other industries using high heat as part of the finishing or coating process.

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