Why Is Masking Necessary For Electroplating?

31 Mar, 2023 Upperdog

Electroplating is a metal finishing process that is used in a wide range of industries for a vast number of different applications. Interestingly, the process dates back to the early 18th century and has since continued to evolve. Despite this, the electroplating process is still largely unknown to many outside of the industry.

Fortunately, our Hi-Tek experts are on hand to explore any questions you might have. In this blog post, we’re looking into electroplating masking products.

What Is Metal Masking Tape For?

The process of electroplating involves applying a thin layer of metal onto the surface of a material. This is done to change the physical properties of an object, and can be used to give objects increased wear resistance, corrosion protection or aesthetic appeal, as well as to increase thickness. Other benefits of electroplating also include improved electrical conductivity, heat resistance and improved hardness.

At the same time, there can be instances where you may not necessarily want the whole surface area to be electroplated. For instance, this could be when you don’t want an item to lose its original function. In this situation, masking tape for electroplating and other masking products can be applied to certain areas of the item to prevent it being electroplated.

Here are a few scenarios where electroplate masking tape could be necessary:

  • Preserving electrical contacts – anodising (a component of electroplating) can act as an insulator, meaning that electroplating electrical contacts can stop an item from working correctly.
  • Preserving threading – the dimensions of threaded parts need to be precise to allow items to screw together. Electroplating will affect those dimensions and so metal masking tape can be required to preserve those threads.
  • Applying a logo or design – you can also apply a logo or other design element to an object by masking the required area and then removing the electroplating masking tape after the plating has been applied.

Masking tape for electroplating isn’t always necessary, but it depends on the project at hand. If you don’t want any part of item to be plated, that’s where having the right masking product is key.

What Electroplating Masking Products Are There?

As well as metal masking tape, other electroplating masking products include:

  • self-threading plugs
  • lacquers and thinners
  • masking dots
  • masking caps
  • specialist paint masking products

We stock all these products at Hi-Tek, meaning we have you covered no matter your electroplating needs. As well as being specialists in electroplating masking tape, we also have masking products for powder coating and other paint finishes.

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