What's The Difference Between Silicone And Vinyl Masking Caps

29 Jun, 2022 hitekadmin

At Hi-Tek products, we sell a range of vinyl caps and silicone caps for powder coating. Masking caps are just one of the high temperature masking products that are available for powder coating, plating and paint spraying jobs. Masking products like caps, plugs and tape play an important role in creating a high-quality finish. Without the correct high temperature masking products, you risk compromising the finished result. Masking caps are an incredibly useful product, but they come in a range of sizes and materials. Find out more about the differences between silicone and vinyl caps and some of the types of masking caps that are available. 

What are masking caps? 

For a high-quality finish when covering certain products during painting, plating or powder coating, masking caps are ideal. Silicone, rubber, and vinyl caps offer a precise and consistent finish which is often easier than using high temperature masking tape. Not only are masking caps useful during the finishing process, but they are also useful for protecting products during transit.   

Why are there different materials 

High temperature masking products come in a variety of materials for a reason. A variety of industries use vinyl and silicone caps. For this reason, they have to offer versatility, which is why they come in various materials. Some materials have a level of chemical resistance, and some have high operating temperatures. Before starting a plating or powder coating job it is important to know which material is suitable.  

Silicone caps for powder coating 

One of the most popular high temperature masking products are silicone caps. As a material, silicone is very versatile and suitable for a range of finishing techniques. You can use silicone caps for powder coating, electroplating, anodizing, e-coating, and paint spraying. Silicone caps have a maximum operating temperature of around 260 degrees. 

Vinyl caps 

Another great high temperature masking product is vinyl caps. Vinyl caps have a slightly lower operating temperature than silicone, around 170 degrees. However, vinyl caps are more affordable and come in a range of colours. For projects where temperature resistance is of lower importance, vinyl makes a great alternative to silicone. Vinyl caps are ideally suited to paint spraying, electroplating, and anodizing.   

Rubber caps 

Rubber high temperature masking caps sit somewhere in the middle of silicone and vinyl caps. They are similar in many ways to silicone tube caps but have a slightly lower operating temperature. Due to their flexibility, they offer a tight seal and are very useful as a noise inhibitor. 

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