How Masking Products Can Transform Items When Powder Coating

30 Aug, 2023 Upperdog


Metal machinery with a two-tone orange and green design.

Powder coating is an innovative technique that adds a durable and attractive finish to metal objects. But the best results don’t just come from the powder; they come from how you use it. With the help of specific masking products for powder coating, such as masking tape and plugs, you can achieve a range of creative designs and unique finishes. We’re taking a look at a few ways you can transform items into pieces of art.

Two-Tone Designs

Ever wondered how to get a sleek, dual-coloured look on metal surfaces? The secret lies in powder coat masking. By applying specialist masking tape for powder coating to cover certain areas of the metal surface, it’s possible to prevent that area from being treated during different phases of the coating process. For example, once the first shade of powder coating has been applied, you could remove the tape and then apply the second shade. The result? A sharp, two-tone design with a professional finish.

Exposing Metal Or Textured Surfaces

There’s something beautiful about the combination of smooth, coloured finishes juxtaposed with raw metal or textures surfaces. Using powder coating plugs and masking tape lets you block out specific sections of the item during the coating process. Once the powder is cured and the silicone plugs removed, you reveal untouched metal areas, creating a blend of modern colour with an industrial feel.

Colour Gradients And Multi-Layered Effects

For those who appreciate the subtle elegance of colour gradients, this technique can be revolutionary. Start by applying a light shade before gradually layering with different colours, using different powder coat masking products to control where each hue transitions. It can be a meticulous process, but the results can also be mesmerising.

Custom Patterns & Logos

Branding is everything in today’s marketplace, but why stop at print materials? Masking products for powder coating can also be used to stencil logos and custom patterns onto metal surfaces. For example, a bicycle frame could be emblazoned with a unique design, or you could apply a logo to a range of moveable signage. Combine powder coating masking tape to create a stencil with precise application, and there will be no limit to your results.

Glossy And Matte Contrasts

A sharp contrast can elevate the appearance of an object. When it comes to powder coating, this can be achieved by mixing glossy and matte finishes. Use masking tape and plugs to separate areas of the item, then apply a glossy finish on one side and a matte finish on the other. The combination of shiny and flat surfaces creates a dynamic visual appeal that’s bound to turn heads.

Powder Coating Masking Products From Hi-Tek

At Hi-Tek, we supply specialist masking products to achieve a range of effects that can transform ordinary metal objects into something special. With the right guidance, your creativity shouldn’t be limited by the colours and finished available! For advice on which products you need for your next project, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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