3 Must-Have Masking Tools For Any Powder Coating Job

23 Dec, 2022 hitekadmin

Powder coating is a finishing process that is commonly used across a wide range of industries and applications. It is a particularly useful technique in the motor vehicle manufacturing industry. It may sound like a simple task to powder coat a metal, but this is not the case. The process involves several key steps which must be undertaken with accuracy. One of the most important steps is metal part masking. Within this stage, it is crucial that the correct powder coating masking supplies are used. This will ensure that you achieve high-quality results.

The powder coating process

The first step of powder coating involves cleaning the metal and ensuring it is ready for the application of a powder coating. Here, it is important to undertake the process of metal part masking. Next, a specialist gun is usually used to apply an even layer of the coating.  The specialist powder coating gun gives the powder an electrical charge. This allows the powder to effortlessly bind to the metal surface. The final step is to harden the powder coating through heat curing.

Silicone caps and plugs

Silicone caps are a versatile product that is useful for both plating and powder coating applications. Their cone shape means that each silicone plug fits into a few hole sizes. The powder coating plugs are a popular piece of equipment as they are reusable, even after being exposed to high temperatures in the oven. It is widely recommended that you buy a few sizes to have on hand, especially for larger products. There is nothing worse than having to pause in the middle of a project due to an incorrect silicon plug size.

Self-threading silicone plugs

There is a selection of speciality silicone plugs on the market. For example, there are certain circumstances where a self-threading silicone plug would be the preferred option.  The powder coating plugs feature a small shoulder-like design that limits the extent to which they penetrate into the hole. This allows a firm seal to be applied without losing the plug. The flat head design then allows for an easy removal once complete.

High-temperature masking tape

When considering powder coating masking supplies, high-temperature masking tape is a popular masking solution. The tape can hold its properties in continuous temperatures upwards of 200 degrees. The tape can be quite difficult to apply as it is not as flexible as traditional masking tape. However, having the patience to use the tap accurately ensures clean lines and a high-quality finish. At Hi-tek, we stock a range of high-temperature masking tapes for a range of applications.

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