4 Effective Uses for Lacquer Thinner

27 Nov, 2019 hitekadmin

4 Effective Uses for Lacquer Thinner

Lacquer thinner is usually made up of two solvents like amyl or ethyl and can be described essentially as a stronger version of a paint thinner. It is often a slightly coloured substance at first, but it dries away clear by the evaporation of a solvent. Lacquer thinner is a particularly strong solvent that can ruin oil paints, surfaces, and fabrics and can only be used in certain situations and should be tested first. Here we have set out a few uses for lacquer thinner:

Clean surfaces & paintbrushes

Lacquer thinner can easily soften and thin away paints that are difficult to remove as they have turned solid and flaky on smooth surfaces. Some can be used eliminate leftover residue from cements and plastics. These thinners can also be used on clothing made of natural fibres to remove varnish stains and paint spots. Due to their superiority in removing paints, they can be very effective in cleaning painting brushes, but it is important to remember to avoid using a nylon brush as the potent thinner may weaken the bristles of the brush.

Cleaning tools, engines and machines

Lacquer thinner is very effective at cleaning tools, auto parts and other machine and engine parts. This is because these parts often come into contact with resins, greases and oils and paint thinner is often ineffective against these tough stains. The chemicals in lacquer thinner can dissolve most resins and stains much more effectively, but they are much more toxic and flammable so care should be taken.

Remove tar

It is also a very strong solvent, meaning that even thicker substances, such as tar and tree sap, can be dissolved with lacquer thinner. While lacquer thinner is effective in this operation, the amount needed to completely remove the substance may result in unpleasant and toxic vapours. Other products are available for cleaning large amounts of thick substances that don’t have the same hazards.

Thin lacquers

Due to its strength, lacquer thinners are very effective in diluting and changing the properties of lacquer. They are very versatile thinners and can change the lacquer’s viscosity which allows for lacquer finishes to resist sagging and running in vertical surfaces. If a Miccromask masking lacquer has been used, only a Miccromask thinner should be used to adjust the viscosity. Similarly, if a Miccropeel product needs thinning, especially for a spray application, a Miccropeel thinner is necessary.

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