What Are The Advantages Of PTFE Lubricants?

13 Jan, 2021 hitekadmin

PTFE stands for Polytetrafluoroethylene. This is a Fluoropolymer used widely in industrial applications. Due to its many properties, PTFE lubricant is what we commonly know as the non-stick coating used for cookware. This discovery was made accidentally in 1938 by an engineer from the DuPont organisation.

PTFE is characterised by its many properties including:

  • Self-cleaning ability
  • Low friction
  • High electrical resistance
  • Heat resistance to a wide range of temperatures
  • Corrosive resistant
  • Durability
  • Non-flammable

Teflon® is a brand well known for using PTFE to make its famous non-stick and heat resistant products.

What is PTFE lubrication?

This is a type of film lubricant that reduces friction between two surfaces without the need for grease or oils. PTFE lubricant is used for coating items such as cookware in PTFE. The process involves using a primer coat and a topcoat. PTFE lubricant is designed for application to areas that require low-friction, corrosion resistance, or dry lubrication. RO-59 deposits a dry PTFE film lubricant and is ideal for long term sealing.

You can find different grades of PTFE lubricant which vary depending on the application. For example, the food-grade coating will be different to that of an industrial grade.

The advantages of PTFE lubricants

Including the properties listed above, there are various advantages of PTFE film lubricants. All of these contribute to making PTFE a unique Fluoropolymer like no other.

  • It is a highly inert substance, which means it is not generally reactive to other chemicals. This makes it a great solution for storing reactive compounds or lining materials that will come into contact with reactive agents.
  • Because dry film lubricants like PTFE offer reduced friction, they can be used in various applications. These range anywhere from cookware to automotive, and industrial industries.
  • PTFE lubricant provides high electrical resistance. This enables it to be employed for use on electrical cables and circuit boards.
  • It is extremely weatherable and provides superior water resistance. Many industries will use PTFE coating to not only improve the performance but also the durability of products and objects.
  • Using PTFE coating enables the application material to upgrade to high-temperature resistance. This type of film lubricant enables products with a lower temperature resistance to be coated with a more enduring substance. It’s high-temperature resistance also makes it non-flammable.

PTFE film lubricants and masking products

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