Using Self Threading Plugs for Metal Masking

17 Sep, 2020 hitekadmin

When applying metal and paint finishes to your products, it is important to consider how you will protect the more intricate parts that must stay intact. An effective way of doing this is by using metal and paint masking products, in particular with self threading plugs. We stock a range of masking products and plugs for powder coating at Hi-Tek, suitable for use in a wide variety of industries depending on your needs. Find out more about self threading plugs and why you should consider them for your metal masking needs:

What are self threading plugs?

Self threading plugs are small silicone plugs that fit into small holes and areas within a product. These are usually areas where you would not want a metal finish or paint to reach, in order to prevent this area becoming compromised or damaged. Self threading plugs have a small shoulder, preventing them from being pushed into a hole too far whilst ensuring a full seal.

Why are self threading plugs used for metal masking?

Self threading plugs are most commonly used for metal masking and paint masking but are also used in other industries. When metal masking, there are certain parts of a product that should not come into contact with the metal finish or paint. This is because it can change the dimensions or cause damage to parts of a product that must not be impacted. Thus, this can affect how well a product works. By inserting metal masking products within these small holes and areas, facilities can ensure certain areas of their products remain untouched by paint or a metal finish.

What are the benefits of self threading plugs?

Self-threading plugs are incredibly useful to those within the metal masking and paint industries. Here are a few of their main benefits:

  • Protect delicate parts of your products – These masking plugs for powder coating and metal masking create a complete seal when inserted, providing 100% protection during the metal finishing or paint application process.
  • Easy removal – Due to their flat shoulder, self threading plugs are easy to remove. This makes the process of metal masking more seamless.
  • Re-usable – Self threading plugs are completely reusable, not only making them sustainable but also a cost-effective investment for businesses.
  • Ability to withstand high temperatures – Our self threading plugs can withstand temperatures of up to 80°C, meaning they can stay in tact throughout all types of metal masking processes.

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