Top High Temperature Masking Solutions To Use When Powder Coating

25 Jul, 2022 hitekadmin

Powder coating is a high-temperature process that can require quality masking products to ensure that fine line definition and high-quality finish are achieved. At Hi-Tek, we have a range of products that mask various parts of your project. When used in conjunction, our powder coating masking tape, tapered plugs, and silicone caps can withstand high temperatures for long periods and allow you to achieve a premium finish. Find out more about our top masking solutions and their benefits.

Masking Tape

Powder coating masking tape is ideal for use in high temperatures because it is specifically created to withstand it and not leave a residue when removed. At Hi-Tek, we sell two types of masking tape that can be used for powder coating and stove enamelling. Our 2595 crepe tape is a lightly creped paper tape that uses a silicone adhesive, this is ideal for smaller projects that won’t be exposed to high temperatures for extended periods. This tape can be used at temperatures up to 200°C and is easily removed once it has cooled down to between 60 and 40°C.

If you require something that can be used for sustained periods and has more options for widths, our PC-44 Polyester Tape continuously proves to be top of market tests and with customers. This powder coating masking tape also has a silicone backing which gives it excellent adhesion to steel and ensures fine line mask definition. This tape is best used for larger projects because it can withstand a continuous operating temperature of 220°C.

Tapered Plugs and Pull Plugs

Tapered plugs are a convenient and reusable option for plugging and masking holes when powder coating and electroplating. The flexibility of silicone rubber tapered plugs means that you only need a few different sizes to cover all your projects, so one set will fit a variety of hole sizes. As well as a maximum operating temperature of 260°C, these plugs also have outstanding chemical resistance. When used alongside powder coating masking tape, you can create accurate powder coating and line definition.

When you need to mask through holes it is best to use pull plugs as they use different thicknesses to blind holes. Like tapered plugs, these types of plugs are reusable and don’t leave carbon deposits on your project. You should choose rubber or silicone pull plugs depending on the temperature that will be used during powder coating. Neoprene rubber pull plugs have a maximum operating temperature of 170°C whereas Silicone pull plugs can function up to 260 °C.

Silicone Caps

Silicone caps are a popular product for high-temperature powder coating because of the durability and flexibility of silicone. Like pull plugs and masking tape with silicone adhesive, silicone caps have a maximum temperature of around 260 °C. These masking products for powder coating are ideally used on the tubing when you need to mask more than just the hole. These silicone caps still achieve the same clean lines that you expect from Hi-Tek masking products.

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