The Best Masking Plugs For Powder Coating

1 Feb, 2022 hitekadmin

When it comes to powder coating, masking products such as masking plugs are essential. Since powder coating is applied through spraying, the absence of adequate masking solutions can often result in powder being over-sprayed on unwanted areas.

There are a variety of powder coating masking products available to help avoid over spraying, but when it comes to masking threaded and non-threaded holes, masking plugs are the best solution.

In this article, we discuss the best masking plugs to use during powder coating and why you should select one option over the other.

Best Powder Coating Masking Plugs

Tapered Plugs

Tapered plugs are some of the most popular and widely used powder coating masking plugs out there. The tapered design of these masking plugs allows you to create a very tight seal by simply pushing the plug into the hole. It also gives them the ability to fit various hole sizes with ease.

Tapered plugs are perfect masking plugs for powder coating as they are made out of heat resistant silicone and can withstand very high temperatures. This also gives them the ability to be reused many times before being disposed of.

Pull Plugs



While tapered plugs are a great solution for masking bind holes, the silicone pull plugs are fantastic for through holes. Pull plugs feature a smaller diameter tail and a larger handle, making them easier to install and remove from through holes. Made from silicone, these masking plugs are well suited for powder coating and other masking processes that involve high temperatures.

At Hi-Tek, we stock a great selection of different sizes of pull plugs available to choose from including silicone pull plugs as well neoprene pull plugs.

Self-Threading Plugs


Silicone self-threading plugs are yet another great solution for hole masking during the powder coating process. These masking plugs have a small shoulder and a flat head. This design limits the extent to which these plugs can be pushed into the hole and makes them very easy to remove.

We supply a great range of silicone self-threading masking plugs for powder coating here at Hi-Tek. Read this article to find out more about self-threading plugs and why you should consider using them for your during powder coating.


Find The Best Powder Coating Masking Plugs At Hi-Tek

At Hi-Tek Product Limited we stock a wide range of the best tapered, pull and self-threading plugs to choose from. If you’d like to find out more about the different kinds of masking plugs we supply or need help selecting the best powder coating masking plugs for your application, then get in touch with our team of experts here at Hi-Tek. Give us a call on 01202 661300 or fill out our online contact form and we will be happy to help.