The Benefit of Electroplating Classic Cars

26 May, 2019 hitekadmin

For protection against rust and tarnishing on your classic car, electroplating is the first place to start. Electroplating is an effective automotive treatment that works to preserve and maintain the quality of metal that lies beneath it. Using an electric current, electroplating modifies the properties of the underlying metal. This helps guard against the wear and tear of abrasion and rust. Electroplating can also transform the visual appeal of a classic car, to restore its original lustre.

Hi-Tek Products in Dorset supplies metal and paint masking products, ideal solutions for selective plating during classic car maintenance and restoration. Find out how electroplating is used to protect and restore classic cars.

It Shields Against Corrosion

Over the years, it’s inevitable that you will see the onset of weathering, including rust, on your classic car. Rust can be caused by a variety of factors and leaves the underlying metal predisposed to corrosion. Unfortunately, rust can cause unsightly damage to the paintwork on the body of the car. Electroplating for classic cars can improve the cars aesthetic and increase its value too.

Luckily, electroplating can give your car a new lease of life. Metal plating creates a thin protective metal coating to protect against rust and improves the finish of the cars metal parts. Keeping your classic car can shiny, clean and as look as good as new!

You Can Protect Car Elements with Metal Masking Tape

You may find there are areas of the car that need to be protected against damage during the electroplating. Particularly for conductive elements, as electroplating can impact conductivity. At Hi-Tek, we stock a wide range of high-temperature masking tape products and including crepe tape and aluminium foil tape. Another product we supply is masking lacquer for electroplating. This is useful for isolating surfaces during electroplating processing.

Browse our range of metal masking products online, or get in contact with our team of experts today on 01202 661300. For more information on automotive electroplating, get in touch with our sister company, Dorsetware, who offer a vast array of metal finishes.