Tapered, Pull and Self Threading Plugs: Which Is Best To Use?

23 Aug, 2022 hitekadmin

At Hi-Tek Products we offer a range of masking plugs to suit a variety of requirements. Choosing the right masking plug is an important part of the masking process. Without the right plug, there is a chance it will compromise your metal finishing project. In order to help you choose the right product for your masking job, we have put together a helpful guide on masking plugs. Learn more about the various consideration you need to make when choosing a plug and the type of masking plugs we offer. 

What to consider when choosing masking plugs? 

There are a variety of factors that should inform your choice of masking plug. Before each project you should consider the following requirements: 

Environment – Firstly, you need to think about the sort of environment you will expose your plugs too. Will there be dust, dirt and debris? Is there going to be any moisture or liquid contamination? Most importantly you need to plan for the types of temperatures your masking plugs will need to withstand.  

Material – The material of a masking plug plays a big role in its functionality. The most common types are neoprene rubber and silicone plugs. Understanding the different properties of each is important as silicone plugs will have a different maximum operating temperature than neoprene rubber. 

Removal – To achieve the best possible finish you need to consider the removal of your masking plugs. Certain masking plugs such as silicone pull plugs allow for fast and easy removal. 

Tapered Plugs 

Tapered rubber plugs are a great solution for a wide variety of applications. Tapered rubber plugs come in a variety of sizes. The tapered design creates a mask in a hole without covering the surrounding area. Tapered plugs also come in silicone which is useful for a slightly higher operating temperature. 

Pull Plugs 

Using silicone pull plugs for masking is ideal for easy insertion into a hole and for removal once the process is complete. Silicone pull plugs vary in size and are flexible in order to create an effective seal. One of the main advantages of silicone pull plugs is their excellent chemical resistance and high maximum operating temperature. Pull plugs also come in neoprene rubber, which has the advantage of being reusable without leaving carbon deposits.  

Self-Threading Plugs  

For powder coating jobs we recommend self-threading plugs. Self-threading plugs are reusable and easy to remove thanks to a small shoulder. This shoulder also prevents the masking plug from pushing too far into the hole.  

To find out more about our range of tapered plugs, silicone pull plugs and self-threading plugs get in touch with us today. Our team would be happy to help answer any questions about our masking plugs. Give us a call on 01202 661300 or fill out our online contact form.