4 Easy Solutions for Powder Coating Masking Supplies

25 Jun , 2020 hitekadmin

Powder coating is a dry finishing process that has become extremely popular since its introduction about 60 years ago, which provides a durable and high-quality finish to different materials. The dry powder is typically sprayed onto a surface to protect objects from chipping and wearing away. At HiTek Products Limited, our expert team can easily…

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Things To Know About Anodize Masking

3 Jun , 2020 hitekadmin

Anodize masking can bring your products an array of benefits and protect key components of your product from the anodizing process. We stock a range of metal masking products at Hi-Tek to ensure your products are completely protected, including masking tape, dots and plugs. If you are considering anodize masking for your products, here are…

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The Difference Between Temporary & Permanent Masking Products

4 Mar , 2020 hitekadmin

When it comes to metal masking, there are a range of different products to choose from. Depending on the project you are working on, you may require either a temporary or permanent masking product. But how do these differ, and which one should you go for? Temporary Masking Products Temporary masking products often include masking…

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