How Do PTFE Lubricants Work? The Masking Process Explained

22 Dec , 2023 hitekadmin

When it comes to industrial masking, PTFE lubricants stand out as an ideal solution. But what exactly makes this film lubricant so effective in masking applications? Our team here at Hi-Tek are exploring the science behind PTFE lubricants and their important role across a range of industries. The Properties of PTFE Lubricants PTFE, or Polytetrafluoroethylene,…

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Why Should You Use Tapered Plugs for Masking?

1 Nov , 2023 Upperdog

Achieving a precision finish is the ultimate goal for any powder coating or electroplating project. After all, you’re likely not going to see the full benefits of treating a product if the end result is going to be patchy or inconsistent. This raises the question then; how can you guarantee the perfect finish? While there…

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How Masking Products Can Transform Items When Powder Coating

30 Aug , 2023 Upperdog

  Powder coating is an innovative technique that adds a durable and attractive finish to metal objects. But the best results don’t just come from the powder; they come from how you use it. With the help of specific masking products for powder coating, such as masking tape and plugs, you can achieve a range…

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