Metal Masking in the Medical Industry

27 Nov, 2019 hitekadmin

The process of metal masking is used in a wide range of industries due to the practical benefits it offers. Metal plating masking protects items during electroplating and is often used to protect areas of medical devices and surgical tools that don’t require processing.

Traditionally, electroplating has been used to protect metal objects from corrosion by applying stronger metal components as a shield. However, electroplating can be used to offer a range of benefits to all kinds of metal components.

In the medical industry, electroplating is commonly used to enhance medical devices and equipment.


Protect against wear and tear

Metal plating does an excellent job of protection medical devices from wear-and-tear and corrosion caused by everyday use of chlorine-infused wipes. The exposure to these types of alkaline cleaners can cause corrosion to standard metals if they are not protected with a metal plating.

Promote cleanliness

Surgical equipment can be made significantly safer with metal plating. Especially when using bio-compatible metals or more sanitary metals, such as silver and copper. These types of metal have excellent antimicrobial properties and prevent infection.

What kinds of metals are used for medical devices?

Copper – Copper is a cost-effective and antimicrobial metal that is ideal for medical device manufacturing.

Silver – Silver electroplating can reduce peristatic power consumption, which is ideal for saving battery when using portable medical devices.

Gold – Gold is highly regarded as a biocompatible metal that is extremely safe to use in surgical applications.

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