How to Use Tolber Miccro Super XP-2000 for Metal Masking

26 Nov, 2019 hitekadmin

Masking lacquers and thinners are ideal solutions when it comes to protecting areas of an object during metal masking. If you’re looking to maintain the function and quality of specific parts of an object, liquid masking for anodizing is recommended. Masking lacquer for electroplating is useful for protecting electrical components during the plating process.

gold-lacquer-masking lacquer-electroplating-anodizing


We recommend using the Tolber Miccro Super XP-2000 Range, recognised industry leaders in masking products. Their expert, environmentally friendly products have been used in U.S aerospace and defence companies. We stock a vast range of metal masking products including the Miccro Super XP-2000.

The application process for using the Tolber Miccro Super XP-2000 for metal masking:

  1. Stir the XP-2000 before use (it’s also recommended to stir it if you haven’t used it in a while).
  2. Make sure the area is clean of dirt and oil. This is a crucial step to ensure a smooth application.
  3. Apply the XP-2000 by the method of either dipping or brushing.
  4. Apply a minimum of two coats and allow at least a 30-minute air-dry time between each coat. After the final coat, it should be left to air dry overnight. Another option is to force dry in an oven for 15 minutes at no more than 140F. Alternatively, you can dry over a hot plate at the same temperature for 15 minutes.

Things to be aware of when using Tolber Miccro Super XP-2000:

  • Make sure there’s no solvent odour before force drying or applying additional coats.
  • Keep away from open flames.
  • Only store at temperatures above 32F and below 105F.
  • Wear protective clothes and eyewear as it is a potential irritant. If it does come in to contact with skin, wash with soap and water.

Electroplating masking tape can also be used to protect the conductive elements of items before plating.

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