How To Use PTFE Lubricant To Achieve A High-Quality Finish

18 Oct, 2022 hitekadmin

Polytetrafluoroethylene, commonly known as PTFE, is best known for its use as a non-stick coating for kitchenware. PTFE lubricants provide several benefits in a range of uses. From kitchenware to the industrial industry, PTFE is commonly used. However, it is important to use it correctly to achieve a high-quality finish. Preparation and application are key areas that need will need consideration to achieve a quality result. Another component that is often forgotten about is choosing the correct masking tape type.

Read on to discover some of the most common uses of PTFE lubricant and how to use it best to achieve a high-quality finish.

Why is it used?

There are a variety of uses for PTFE lubricants. It is often used for industrial machinery and within the automotive industry. It is also commonly used within smaller projects for use on nuts and bolts. This is due to its ability to protect them from oil and corrosion. As well as this, it makes the tightening and loosening of fasteners a much easier process.

Masking tape

An important part of the preparation process is to select the correct masking tape type. There are several types for various uses. Is the masking tape for painting? Does it need to withstand high temperatures?  At Hi-Tek, we stock a range of masking tape types to ensure you can choose the right one for your project.

Our rubber-based masking tape is the most commonly used masking tape for painting due to its strength. However, it is probably not the best option when exposed to high temperatures. You can explore our vast selection of masking products to select the right masking tape for your project.

Solid film PTFE lubricant

At Hi-Tek, we stock RO-59 solid film PTFE lubricant. Designed specifically for easy in-house applications, this product is suitable for any project in your home. RO-59 can be easily applied at low temperatures and does not require special handling. This is due to its non-hazardous composition.

Preparation & Application

The first step is to select the correct masking tape and apply it carefully, using a ruler if necessary. It is then time to prepare the RO-59 solid film PTFE lubricant. The product comes as a concentrate and requires mixing before use. To achieve the highest quality finish, it is important that you dilute the lubricant with de-ionised water. You should then continue to adjust the pH to the recommended value. You should apply the PTFE lubricant by dipping or spraying, depending on the nature of the project. Following these steps will result in a high-quality finish for your project.

For more information about PTFE lubricants or masking tape types get in contact with us. We stock a wide range of PTFE & film lubricants. Our team would be happy to advise you with any queries. Fill out our contact form or give us a call at 01202 661300.