How To Use Masking Tape When Decorating

24 Dec, 2020 hitekadmin

When working on home design projects for yourself or others, it’s important to have appropriate protection for the areas you need to cover. Knowing how to use masking tape for decorating is essential if you want to achieve a clean finish. The same applies for metal finishing, where you must ensure you have the correct masking products. From masking dots, to high temperature masking tape, learn some of the advantages and correct applications below.

What paint masking products to use and why

The first step is to choose the correct paint masking tape for your function. There are a range of masking tapes out there such as aluminium foil tape, or high temperature masking tape. Each different product will work best for its desired purpose. Some will stick better to certain materials than others. Doing a bit of research beforehand to ensure you have the most suitable one will start you in the right direction.

A great paint masking product to use when decorating is masking dots. Masking dots cover even the smallest of crevices which is ideal for precise. In particular as a masking tape for powder coating, masking dots act as protective barriers. This is to ensure that the powder coating does not come into contact with the covered surface.

When it comes to the types of masking tapes available, the selection is vast. Adhesive masking tape for decorating provides a clean removal and accurate application. Due to its moisture seal, it can securely safeguard the covered material. Some adhesive tape however, can leave residue damage if on an unsuitable surface. Aluminium foil tape is a type of adhesive tape which offers better cohesion than rubber adhesives. You can also find high temperature masking tape but this is most suitable for electroplating purposes. Thus, it is always best to check the type of masking tape you need beforehand.

How to use masking tape

To know how to use masking tape for decorating is relatively straightforward.  Before you tape off the areas you want to cover, ensure you have wiped them down. You can do this by using a sponge and a mixture of water and mild detergent. This will get rid of any built up grime or dirt that is on the surface you want to paint. Once completely dry, apply your paint masking products accurately. Ensure that every corner or hole you want covered is secured with the masking dots. If you are only using masking tape for powder coating, make sure each section of tape overlaps with the other. This helps avoid any paint seeping through the cracks.

Where to buy paint masking products

Hi-Tek Products provide a variety of paint masking products suitable for redecorating and metal finishing. Whether you need masking dots, masking tape for powder coating or high temperature masking tape, we can accommodate to your requirements. For advice on the which masking tape for decorating will work best for your function, contact us today. Call Hi-Tek Products on +44 (0) 1202 661300.