How to Protect the Conductive Elements of Items Before Plating

31 Jan, 2019 hitekadmin


Electroplating is the process of coating an item with another layer of metal, something that is often done to improve the aesthetics or protect that item from corrosion. This can be anything from a kitchen utensil to an aerospace part. Depending on the item, there will be areas that will need to be protected so that they aren’t damaged during the electroplating process. This includes items with conductive elements. If this part was coated, it could impact the conductivity.

There are various plating masking products available that can be used during the process for protecting these points. We recommend using electroplating masking tape.

Plating masking tape meets the following requirements:

  1. The adhesive backing will not affect or contaminate the process solution
  2. The tape will be flexible and conform to the shape of the component
  3. The tape will be able to withstand the process solution and conditions*

*Each type of plating masking tape has different properties, so each has a different threshold for the temperature that it can withstand. Below are some of the excellent electroplating masking tapes that we supply.

  • Aluminium foil tape



Aluminium foil tape can withstand temperature up to 125°C so it’s ideal for plating and shielding uses. This multi-purpose plating masking product is a cost-friendly alternative to lead foil tape and it the adhesive will bond to a wide range of surfaces.


  • Crepe tape


Crepe tape is a popular choice as this electroplating masking tape can be used at temperature as high as 200°C for two hours.

  • Yellow Vinyl DK-I High-Temperature Masking Tape


This ultra-thin high-temperature masking tape conforms to component contours and as there is no adhesive it won’t damage the item or effect the electroplating solution. It is designed for use in all plating solutions from temperatures starting at -9°C through to 93°C.

  • PC-44 Powder Coating Masking Tape

PC-44-polyester-tape- powder-coating-masking-tape

PC-44 tape is the best powder coating masking tape on the market. It bonds to most surfaces, has excellent adhesion to steel and prevents any undercutting. It will withstand temperatures of up to 220°C and there’s no risks of residue on the item when removed.

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