Our How To Guide to Metal Masking

27 Nov, 2019 hitekadmin

Our team of specialists at Hi-Tek offer a range of metal masking products, including electroplating and paint masking products, to protect certain areas of your metal. We want to make metal masking an easy and stress-free process, so that you can purchase our high-quality products with full confidence that you can achieve the results you desire.

What Is Metal Masking?

Metal masking allows you to maintain the function and overall finish of your metal parts, preventing specific areas of your metal from being exposed to electroplating. Our electroplating masking products guarantee that certain areas of the metal will remain untouched by the finishing material.

Metal masking is useful for preserving various parts of your metal, which is where our masking products come in handy. For instance, where preserving threading is important, masking ensures that the thread dimensions remain the desired dimensions. Metal masking is also essential for preserving a metal part’s ability to conduct a current. If electroplating finishing reaches electrical contact, this puts the part at risk of not functioning properly.

Our electroplating and paint masking products mean there are a variety of ways to protect your metal parts, for both permanent and temporary solutions.

Liquid Metal Masking

Our stop off lacquers are a popular method of liquid metal masking and require precise application to ensure you apply the liquid in the required area. However, with a little bit of practice, liquid metal masking does pose the benefit of easy application and removal, whilst working into hard-to-reach areas.

Metal Masking Tape

Tapes are another great method for metal masking, especially when working with high temperatures. You must take great care when applying metal masking tape to your metal parts as it can tear, therefore resulting in an inadequate mask. The main advantages of using tape for metal masking is that they can be cut into a variety of shapes to accommodate areas that are difficult to reach, but they are also easy to use and very cost-effective.

Metal Masking Plugs

Metal masking plugs, including self-threading and tapered plugs, are ideal for masking blind holes and through holes. They work by creating a tight seal around the holes, preventing electroplating material from seeping through. Use the diameter of the hole as a guide when choosing the size of your plug. Around half of the plug should poke out of the hole, allowing for easy removal after the electroplating process is complete.

Find out more about our range of metal masking products on our website, with in-depth product descriptions and benefits to ensure you choose the correct product for your project. Contact us on 01202 661300 and we will be more than happy to assist you. Alternatively, send an email to [email protected].