High-Temperature Metal Masking Solutions

16 Dec, 2021 hitekadmin

High-temperature masking solutions are crucial in achieving a high quality and professional finish consistently. Masking products such as high-temperature masking tape and plugs are predominantly used in metal finishing and painting applications. Masking is the process of covering a specific area of a surface, so it is not exposed to the treatment process and there are a variety of products available that will achieve different finishes. Read on to discover the different high-temperature metal masking products as well as the advantages and applications of each product. 

High-temperature masking caps and plugs

High-temperature silicone caps and plugs are a popular choice in metal painting and finishing. Silicone is well suited because of its versatile temperature range and high operating temperatures. Silicone and rubber plugs are most commonly used in powder coating and most electroplating procedures.  

High-temperature silicone plugs for powder coating come in a few variations that are suitable for slightly different jobs. High-temperature masking plugs come in tapered or pull varieties. Silicone is an ideal material as it stretches and can easily mould to any form. High-temperature silicone tapered plugs also come in a range of different sizes, which is great for metal part masking. 

Neoprene is another good choice for metal masking. High-temperature masking plugs made out of neoprene have a slightly lower temperature range than silicone. However, it is ideal for plating and wet paint applications. Neoprene is very resistant to abrasions making it suitable in the cleaning, deburring and polishing processes.  

High-temperature masking plugs like self-threading plugs have a small stopper to prevent the plug from going too far into the hole. They do however create a complete seal and are very easy to remove once the process is complete. 

High-temperature masking tape

High-temperature masking tape for powder coating and other metal finishing comes in a variety of styles. Each tape is suitable for slightly different applications, so it is important to consider a few things before you decide. Most importantly, you need to know if the high-temperature masking tape you have chosen will be able to withstand the kind of conditions you are going to expose it to. Your high-temperature masking tape should also be able to conform to the shape of the object you are working on and cover off all necessary areas. Finally, you need to make sure that the adhesive on your high-temperature masking tape will not contaminate the process in any way.  

Non-adhesive masking tape will not contaminate any sensitive solutions or processes. It seals onto a surface by ironing the tape. Adhesive-backed high-temperature masking tape is very versatile and is suitable for most electroplating and metal finishing processes. Metal high-temperature masking tape is useful for drawing current away from high current density surfaces.  

High-temperature masking dots

For jobs that need a more precise area covered then high-temperature masking tape is available in masking dots. Masking dots work in a very similar way to high-temperature masking tape and are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. 

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