A Guide To Precision Masking

9 Jul, 2021 hitekadmin

Precision masking is an essential part of the metal plating process. With so many industries such as telecoms, defence, aerospace and medical relying on metal plating, precision masking makes it possible to create vital parts and components to the often highly technical and exacting standards of these industries.

How does precision masking work?

When applying a coating to many surfaces, applying the correct metal masking to an area of the surface is just as vital to the end performance of the product.

Metal masking is used in most finishing applications to prevent an area from being coated with a particular finish, for example blocking holes or threaded areas intended for bolts. This can be achieved using a variety of masking products including pull plugs such as silicone tapered plugs. These specially designed pull plugs insert into holes securely to protect the area during metal plating or powder coating.

Where some parts require more than one finish or differing levels of anodising during the metal plating process, i.e. an aluminium part may need to be type I anodised in one area and type II in another, precision masking is the best solution. By combining various masking products such as metal masking tape and lacquers and thinners, you can successfully protect an area during this highly technical and labour intensive process.

Precision masking methods

There are two types of precision masking methods; permanent and temporary.

Temporary precision masking is used to protect a part temporarily during the metal coating or anodising process. This means that the masking product is removed and disposed of or recycled after it used and includes masking products such as waxes, tapes and paints.

Permanent precision masking is used for parts or products with specific shapes or measurements that require masking. Permanent masking solutions are designed to be used again and again. Some examples of permanent masking solutions include tapered rubber plugs and self threading plugs.

At Hi-Tek Products we offer a wide selection of temporary and permanent masking products in a variety of sizes and for various applications. As experts in precision masking solutions, we can help you choose the right masking products for your application. If you need advice, get in touch with us today by calling 01202 661 300.