A Guide To Masking Lacquer

28 Oct, 2020 hitekadmin

What is masking lacquer?

Masking Lacquer is used to protect and cover areas which are not to be plated during the electroplating process. It is a type of liquid metal masking which requires a more precise application.

Different masking lacquers and thinners are made to withstand different conditions, from high temperatures to acidity. So, it is important to know which masking lacquers will be suitable for the desired plating or finishing purpose. Do not worry if you are not sure, a metal finishing and masking company should always advise you on the masking lacquers and thinners available. Hi-Tek source these products and are always on hand to help answer any queries regarding this technical subject.

What are the different types of masking lacquer?

The options for masking lacquers and thinners available are as follows:


A lacquer for hard chrome plating, which is also suitable for lead plating and similar practices. Miccromask dries quickly in the air and is red in colour. The red colour is to ensure it can be easily visible after application. Miccromask can be applied either by spraying, dipping or brushing the desired coated area. A minimum of two coats should be applied depending on the type of electroplating and the time submerged in the solution. Three or more coats are recommended when dealing with heavy deposits of hard chrome. Miccromask is known as the best stop-off masking lacquer available.


A more general-purpose masking lacquer which is used for precious metal plating. Precious metals are any metal which are rare and have a high economic value. Gold and Silver are the two most recognised precious metals out there. Miccrostop can only withstand temperatures of up to 140° and is suitable for use with:

  • Gold, Silver, Nickel, Cadmium
  • Alloy plating
  • High-speed copper, Tin
  • Decorative chromium, Zinc

Miccro Super XP-2000

Able to endure extreme resistance to rigorous solutions. The Miccro Super XP-200 is a great peelable masking lacquer which should only be used in conjunction of the Super XP-2000 thinners. This is due to the type of polymer used in the product. The Miccro Super XP-200 can be used in rhodium plating, chemical milling, hard anodizing and electroless nickel. Despite hard conditions, it has the ability to remain intact throughout the process of nickel stripping.


Made to endure particularly acidic solutions. Miccroshield is a general-purpose stop-off lacquer which can be used with most plating cycles. The Miccroshield masking lacquer is usually transparent, orange, or red in colour, and air dries rapidly. It works well with:

  • Palladium, Indium, Rhodium
  • Electroless Nickel, Silver, neutral and acidic Gold
  • Electropolishing
  • Anodizing
  • Chrome
  • Bronze


This product has been developed as an air-dry, chemical resistant rack coating. Its aim is to resist extreme plating conditions, such as high temperatures, acids and alkaline cleaners. This masking lacquer for electroplating is a black and shiny liquid which remains sturdy and robust after application. Miccrotex is one of the strongest types of masking lacquer available and can even withstand anodizing cycles where a sulfuric acid strip is used to dissolve nickel. Miccrotex is used widely for:

  • Tank coating
  • Patching and Sealing
  • Anti-corrosion purposes
  • Water proofing


As determined with the name, Miccrowax is a wax which acts as a masking lacquer when electroplating. This product binds particularly well onto level surfaces and does not split or crack. Miccrowax is the perfect solution for masking objects which have complex designs or forms.


This masking lacquer has been developed mainly for hard chromium plating and solutions where peeling removal is required. It is suitable for nickel, hard chrome plating and bright chrome.


Specially designed for efficient and reliable repair for plastisol coatings. Miccropatch has a thicker consistency which means it can be applied with only a couple of coats if necessary. Similar to the Miccrotex and the Miccro Super XP-200 masking lacquer products, Miccropatch can resist all types of harsh plating solutions.

To find out more or speak to a professional about masking lacquers and their most suitable purposes, please get in touch. Hi-Tek has the experience and knowledge regarding these services and provide a range of masking lacquers and thinners. We work to provide masking products for a wide scope of industries, so you can rest assured we have the expertise when it comes to masking lacquers for electroplating. Give us a call today on 01202 661 300.