5 Different Ways To Use High Temperature Masking Tape

2 Jul, 2024 hitekadmin

High temperature masking tape is made for high temperature applications and can withstand environments of up to 120°C. This polyester tape offers excellent durability and can adhere to all kinds of materials, not to mention it is highly adaptable and can be used in a range of ways for all types of high temperature projects. In this blog, we’ll take you through the five ways you can use high temperature masking tape for your next masking project.

1.       Powder coating

Applying a decorative or protective coating to metal surfaces is a common practice for various reasons. It involves spraying a coating onto the surface of a metal object, which creates a high temperature environment. Using high temperature masking tape for powdered coating is important because it helps the coating to only be applied to the desired areas. Masking tape for powdered coating also helps to prevent overspray by covering threaded holes and other surfaces that need to remain untouched. Using high temperature masking tape allows your coating projects to remain precise with minimal clean-up.

2.       E-coating

Much like using high temperature masking tape for powdered coating, it can also be used for e-coating (also known as electrocoating). E-coating involves submerging different surfaces to create a layer of paint, epoxy, or other water-based solutions. E-coating is mainly used on materials in the automotive and machinery industries; therefore, high temperature masking tape is great for tolerating these environments and creating a sharp finish.

3.       Plating

Another use of high temperature masking tape is for plating. Plating is a finishing process where a thin layer of metal coats another, which needs a high temperature environment to work effectively. Using plating tape is not only cost-effective, but it also allows for protection during the plating process, making sure that the surface underneath is protected from any harsh chemicals. High temperature masking tape is important in plating as it improves the overall quality of the finished product and prevents over – or under – plating in protected areas.

4.       Wet painting

High temperature masking tape is also beneficial for spray painting projects in high temperature environments. The tape helps to mask the surfaces underneath effectively, keeping them free of paint to create clean and sharp edges. High temperature masking tape’s strong adhesion allows it to stay in place throughout the painting process, protecting the underneath surface from any harsh painting chemicals. Its ability to conform to various surfaces and shapes makes it a versatile masking product for many painting projects.

5.       Anodising

Like plating tape, this tape for adonising can withstand the high temperatures of the process. The adonising process involves exposure to harsh chemicals from thickening the oxide layer on the surface of varying metal surfaces. High temperature masking tape allows for selective anodising to ensure that only certain areas of a surface are anodised. Masking prevents cross-contamination between different areas of a project.

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