4 Easy Solutions for Powder Coating Masking Supplies

25 Jun, 2020 hitekadmin

Powder coating is a dry finishing process that has become extremely popular since its introduction about 60 years ago, which provides a durable and high-quality finish to different materials. The dry powder is typically sprayed onto a surface to protect objects from chipping and wearing away. At HiTek Products Limited, our expert team can easily identify problems that occur with powder coating and provide you with easy solutions. Discover below our easy solutions to make your life easier when powder coating. 

1. Overspray

Since powder coating is applied through a spray, it is not uncommon for overspray to occur. This is usually a result of inadequate masking choices. To avoid overspray, silicone plugs for powder coating can be used on pivotal points or to cover holes and prevent the powder coating in these areas. For an even more precise coating, masking dots are a great addition to powder coating plugs and are useful for masking off circles and preventing coating where you don’t want it.

2. Flaking paint

The quality of masking products can be impacted from paint sticking to them. It is beneficial to clean your metal masking plugs or caps to prevent the paint from flaking during applications. You can also use silicone rubber caps for versatile and flexible masking products that will ease the process of powder coating. The chemical resistance from the silicone can provide smooth and effective results, and allow the paint to bond better. Since silicone plugs for powder coating can be reused without leaving carbon deposits, you can clean them off and use them again without having to worry about a flaking surface.

3. Inconsistent finish

If you notice that your powder coat has an inconsistent or uneven finish, you may want to use pull plugs to ensure all holes are covered to achieve a smooth surface. You should also check that the powder coating has been baked at the same temperature to maintain a glossy finish and avoid faded colour. Silicone plugs are a great solution for high temperature powder coating applications since they can operate up to a maximum temperature of 260°.

4. Re-tapping holes

Needed to re-tap threaded holes means inadequate masking has been used. To prevent this, self threading plugs can be used to tighten the seal and reduce the risk of having powder coating get into holes which can effect the quality of the product. Self threading plugs have a small shoulder so they can be easily inserted and removed with the flat head. These powder coating plugs are still long enough to ensure a complete seal, and you can limit the risk of having to re-tap any holes.

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